Welcome to HRI 2024 Robot Challenge

Designing Human-Robot Interactions in the Wild


Welcome to HRI2024 Robot Competition. At HRI, we've had a long history of exciting demos and wonderful papers, presentations, and other aspects of human-robot interaction. One thing we didn't have before is any competition or looking at how we can have aspects of robots working more effectively with people in a scored manner. We see some different competitions and other conferences, and we'd like something that we can bring here in order to do this first competition and to provide a fair possibility for all participants.

If you want to learn more about our two competitions, and the contest, check the Competition 1, Competition 2, and Contest sections.


This competition will use the Tiago robot (except for competition 2), a versatile platform designed for research and education purposes that is manufactured by PAL Robotics. The Tiago has a human-like appearance and is equipped with a range of sensors to perceive and interact with its environment. It is also equipped with a set of seven degrees of freedom (DoF) arms that allow it to manipulate objects with precision and dexterity. The Tiago is compatible with ROS and MoveIt! as well as Gazebo for simulation.

More information on the platform and tutorials can be found here.


we invite you to propose a novel robotics competition for the "Propose a HRI Competition Challenge!" Share your visionary ideas, whether it's a task-oriented challenge, collaborative problem-solving, interactive game, or any other format. Describe the competition, allowable robot platforms (real or simulated), the environment, and required resources. Provide the competition protocol with objectives, duration, rules, participant roles, and scoring criteria. Submissions will be evaluated based on originality, feasibility, and potential to advance human-robot interaction.

Don't see a competition you can compete in? Propose your own! here.

Robot Challenge Chairs

Dan Szafir, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA - dszafir@cs.unc.edu

Jordi Albo Canals, Lighthouse - DIG, USA - jordi.albo@lighthouse-dig.com